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18th October 2021 

Many years ago i was a professional dancer and toured the world getting to live in different cultures and experience so much in life. I felt honoured to do what i loves so much but also to get paid to travel. I still choreograph shows as well as acting and performing on stage and have written several productions for local communities as well as my play 'No More' which has won an award for supporting Domestic Violence training with Magistrates, Councils and Health Care up and down the UK.
Later in life I became a Learning Support Assistant at OVA in Norwich where I gained some amazing qualifications as well as becoming the ESOL Lead LTA and delivering working with the students and families which was an absolute honour and still have many of the families as friends. Working in Education was wonderful and challenging and later on worked at West Suffolk College as a Learning Coach and then for a private company delivering education.
A lot of my experience in education was pastoral support and in 2019 was in a position to finance myself to train as a Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and Life Coach to add to my Reiki and Tarot. As much as i love the spiritual side it feels so good to offer both to my clients.
I spent 15 Months training in the Transformational Tarot with an incredible tutor and have also got my Reiki Level II working up to my Masters at the moment which is taking longer due to the Pandemic but will get there. I can give distance healing and often pop this into my sessions.
Shortly after qualifiying in 2019 i was about to move to Norwich to start there when i was diagnosed with Breast Cancer which needed surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Which was all happening during the first Covid Lockdown. To disempower the tumour i called it Bob the Bug which has stuck. However i was still able to see clients via zoom and have been reading cards internationally and coaching nationally and internationally all the way through.

Each client who comes to me gets a telephone or zoom chat first where we look at how we can work together because we will work together on whereever you are to get you wherever you want to be. I then look at what we can do and discuss this before deciding on which package with the client.

Please also pop onto my facebook page and my group where i often run free challenges and give free live sessions as well as special offers. The link is on the front page. This site is a work in progress - i am the first to admit that IT and technology is not my strength but am getting there. Will be launching a monthly group soon too which am very excited about.

Currently am recovering from my treatment and carry on for 3 years for infusions every 6 months. My hair is growing and am very proud of coming through this and very grateful to the wonderful poeple who have supported me both professionally and emotionally. Am half way through my first novel, it's set in a post apocalyptic world and takes my protaganist on a journey to discover herself as who she is when she starts out trying to find who she was! Have also started a self support book for Cancer patients to help them through the hike as there were some incredible moments and events that no one tells you in any book or leaflet. It's called Beating Bob!

So please do get in touch. Am working on more packages, training in NNRT as well which will be adding to the packages soon too and this can all be done online.

And please remember to love your beautiful and unique self.

Speak soon,